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'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Takes The Biggest Box Office Bite of All 'Twilight' Movies!


With a powerful overseas box office, Breaking Dawn Part 2 has surpassed all previous Twilight films to become the most successful!

Excerpts from The Wrap:
The vamps and vampires of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2- Part 2” have sunk their fangs into the domestic and global box office, and won’t let go. The franchise finale took in $17.4 million to claim its third consecutive weekend victory in North America, but it has been even more impressive overseas.


"Breaking Dawn 2" has now taken in $254.6 overall in the U.S., which is just behind the comparable three-week total of 2009's “New Moon” ($259 million), but ahead of “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn 1," both of which had $251 million after three weeks. However “Breaking Dawn 2” is taking a much bigger bite of the overseas box office. It added $48.9 million this weekend and has grossed $447 million abroad to become the franchise’s biggest foreign earner, passing the $430 million rung up last year by “Breaking Dawn 1.”

With a total of $702 million, "Breaking Dawn 2" will pass "New Moon" ($709 million) to become the franchise's biggest money earner ever at the worldwide box office.

“This will be the biggest “Twilight” movie ever at the box office and the foreign grosses will be the driving force,"  BoxOffice.com editor-in-chief Phil Contrino told TheWrap. “These franchise films build and build overseas, and then they explode.”

Lionsgate’s head of domestic distribution Richie Fay said he isn’t surprised by the foreign success.

“You could see it coming,” he told TheWrap. “The last one, ‘Breaking Dawn 1,’ did 60 percent of its business overseas and we were confident we could build on that.” "Breaking Dawn 2" opened internationally at the same time as it did in North America, and Fay said the overseas marketing strategy played up the international aspects of the film.

The only wide opener set for next weekend in the U.S. is FilmDistrict’s “Playing for Keeps,” so "Breaking Dawn 2" could stay on top until Dec. 14, when Warner Bros. rolls out its blockbuster “The Hobbit.”


Source: The Wrap 

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