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Nicolas Ghesquière Talks About Kristen in Le Figaro (France)- Sep 2012


Finally, there is Kristen, heroine of this new olfactory opus. After Charlotte Gainsbourg, national treasure, one wonders about the Atlanticist choices. We had read a few years ago, a great interview with Guesquière by Tom Ford where the creator, leader of the new French department, took his distances with his origins saying that he was finding an inspiration and a strong dialogue with the Americans.

"Charismatic ambassador"

"I live in France and I am very attached to our heritage, cut short the designer. But I love borrowing things from other cultures, explore new territories. Regarding Kristen, though american, she does not match the pictures that we can make. her nationality did not determine my choice. I remember the first time I saw her in Panic Room, where at the age of twelve, she burst on the screen. later, during a photo shoot with Bruce weber for Interview magazine, I was curious to see what she had become. We shot in the former residence of Warhol in Montauk. She was already a young girl: I had a real aesthetic shock."

On the red carpet, before the contract for the perfume, the actress is considered one of the most charismatic ambassadors of Balenciaga.
"But I did not consider the size of Kristen. It's amazing what she generates, the fascination she exerts on her generation."

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