torsdag 13 december 2012

The Acoustic Version Of "Speak Up" With POP ETC Is Now Available

From source: Examiner
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 soundtrack contributor POP ETC has now revealed an acoustic version of their song "Speak Up," the official music video for which was just released a week ago.

 "Speak Up" aligns with a scene near the tail-end of the movie (saying goodbye to the vampire witnesses and a flash-forward vision of the future of Renesmee).

The lyrics for the song are as follows:
All my love is around me
 Like virgins clean today
 Waist deep in the water
Pushing my body away
A wall makes me go
To pull past to me
Oh how many drops can you squeeze out to explain
What happened Monday?
Here one of them stay behind
And tell me from afar I saw how I slither
Like colors in the dark
But when dark kisses me I was half a world away
It seems shorty is my bred
As I turn to say

When we’ll meet another way
You won’t recognize my face
When we’ll meet one way
You’re nothing, you won’t
You won’t speak up, speak up, speak up
[repeat chorus]

And one day it suits me
The next it bleeds me dry
It plays out like you’re out of time
Before the morning light
How beautiful it was to be anything at all
 But somehow it strikes me
That time can’t beat all [repeat chorus x 2]
You won’t speak up, speak up
You won’t speak up, speak up
You won’t speak up, speak up

Source: via Twifans

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