lördag 23 mars 2013

Sneak Peek at the 'New Moon' Graphic Novel - Volume 1

 photo cover_zpsb3bdc596.jpg

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the first couple pages from the New Moon Graphic Novel Volume 1, that will be released on April 30th!

 photo 1-8_zps625a24c5.jpg  photo 2-2_zps09306bfd.jpg  photo 3-3_zps2019ce2f.jpg  photo 4_zpsc908056e.jpg  photo 5_zps72fdca8f.jpg  photo 6_zps496db2ab.jpg  photo 7_zps23b0c604.jpg  photo 8_zpsc3f4d6cc.jpg  photo 9_zps58840ea6.jpg  photo 10_zps20bf48a0.jpg  photo 11_zps53312601.jpg  photo 12_zps8bdc8b67.jpg  photo 13_zpsa88946d3.jpg

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