måndag 27 maj 2013

(Photos) Charlie Bewley Filming In Argentina "The Rules of the Game" @TROTGfilm

 photo BLXrJlkCYAATzOK_zpsdb0d656e.jpg  photo 3a008144c9d911e2b97522000a1f97e9_7_zpseb350dad.jpg photo 3366b5fac84511e28faf22000a1f99f9_7_zpscd169e1d.jpg The boys! @ salta, argentina 
 photo BLPcrrQCQAMP-iZ_zps30f0c62f.jpg photo dd810d08c3a711e29ecd22000aaa08de_7_zps88e25ba4.jpg

*Shooting Starting Today, In Salta (North Of Arg)
Check More Pics of Pre-Production Here
IMDB The Rules of the Game
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Update: He is from #1 "Los Nocheros" popular folk argentinian music
@kiketeruel Intentando cantar con Charlie Bewley! @alchemission trying to sing with Charlie!!

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