torsdag 9 maj 2013

"Java Heat" New Still + Review- US Limited Release On May 10th (Kellan Lutz)

 photo javaheat01_zps0e3390b3.jpg

 thefilmstage (..) Allyn does an admirable job letting his twists and turns unfold as Jake and Hashim temper personal vendettas to work together towards their common goal. The plotting itself isn’t fresh or original and the final scene’s wit is beyond clumsy, but that doesn’t detract from the entertainment level of following these two determined non-conformists. Lutz shines when allowed to be a smartass—having some fun pretending to be drugged in one scene while letting the script mock his involvement in Twilight with a quick joke courtesy of female booksellers in another—but definitely shows his lack of range when delving into the drama behind his involvement. He builds a good rapport opposite Bayu’s no-nonsense cop, however, and the dynamic between them excels as a result...

Java Heat hits limited release Friday, May 10th.

 photo BIV6E7kCUAQ0W1z_zps84f86157.jpg


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