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Kellan Lutz talks with @YahooOmg on Twilight, Syrup and more

 photo 620-KellanLutz-Syrup-jpg_201416_zps6a5c934c.jpgKellan Lutz Reveals the Secret to Those Fab Abs
Omg! caught up with the hunk about his "Twilight" co-stars, his latest flick, and -- the biggest question of all -- how he maintains such a buff bod!
What was it about "Syrup" and your character, Sneaky Pete, that made you want to take this role?
I'm a huge fan of the book. [The author] Max Barry is a genius. I liked that Sneaky Pete never really spoke, but always had that look in the back of his eye like he had everything figured out.

What's the craziest thing that happened on the set?
The time I asked the director [Aram Rappaport] if I could walk across the street for a foot massage at an Asian foot massage parlor and he said yes, then 10 minutes later my phone was blowing up and the [assistant directors] were looking everywhere for me. Apparently, I was in the next scene.

How often do you talk to your former "Twilight" co-stars?
I talk to almost all of them when we run into each other or are in the same cities. But Ashley Greene was and is definitely my best friend of the bunch. We had the same agent before we got the movies, so we were already friends beforehand.

OK, time for the serious questions. How do keep your abs so ab-tastic?
If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question! Truth is I work out and do sit-ups. Boxing helps big time! I also try and train with the 8711 stunt team [the team that's worked with actors for movies such as "The Bourne Legacy" and "The Avengers"] down close to where I live in L.A. They are the best at making my body hurt from teaching me new Mixed Martial Arts moves. There are no shortcuts or secrets. I eat healthy for the most part, minus some candy now and again. I have a sweet tooth.

You've been cast as the lead in the upcoming remake of "Hercules" directed by Renny Harlin of "Die Hard 2" and "Cliffhanger." How will you step up your workout for that role?
I've been doing two-a-days, which is workout slang for working out twice a day, morning and late afternoon. The director doesn't want me to get too big, so just trying to put on a little extra muscle and lean up as much as I can. And again I did some extra training with David Leitch from 8711 who's a big stunt coordinator. He's awesome.

How do you think Hercules would fare in a fight with the vampires from "Twilight"?
Hercules would win, hands down. He's a half-god, whereas vampires are half dead … well, really all dead.
How do you feel about your status as a hottie?
Ha. That's a funny question. I honestly don't think about it. If someone says it, it's in one ear and out the other, or if it's written somewhere, I swear my eyes jump over the sentence.

You were on "Sesame Street" this month helping Cookie Monster teach kids the word "vibrate." Was that word your idea? How difficult was it to keep a straight face during filming?
The word was not my idea, but I thought it was hilarious and added a little humor to an otherwise straightforward kids educational program. [It's] one that I grew up on, so it was a real honor to be there. And I'm glad adults got a kick out of it as well.

What's your living situation? Are you still sharing homes in Venice, California, and New York with friends, or are you and Sharni thinking of moving in together?
I'm finally living alone! As much as I've loved my roommates in the past and they're now my best of friends, I'm a big boy now and enjoy the alone time.

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