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New Interview: Nikki Reed Talks Visiting Dallas & Her Jewelry Line

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Culture Map Dallas Pretty young Twilight star Nikki Reed (a.k.a. Rosalie Hale) isn't counting on the vampire saga to define her career path. The 25-year-old, award-winning actress and screenwriter has design in her blood — her great grandmother was a jewelry designer — and she launched Mattlin Era jewels last fall.

She jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with 7 For All Mankind to create a five-piece capsule collection based on the idea of love and connectivity. During a VIP event at the denim line's NorthPark store last week, Reed chatted with fashionable fans eager to snap iPhone photos with the bubbly brunette.
We stole her away for a bit to learn more about her line. In the process, we discovered a surprising bit about a popular Dallas restaurant.

Culture Map: Is this your first visit to Dallas?

Nikki Reed: No, but unfortunately every time I stop in Dallas, I'm working. Last night I went to a really great restaurant, Hibiscus. It was vegan-friendly, which is awesome for me. I haven't had any extended period of time to explore the city.

CM: How did the collaboration with 7 For All Mankind come about?

NR: It was very organic; it was not planned at all. I was co-hosting a dinner with them for the Step-Up Women's Network. Someone from 7FAM approached me about one of the pieces I had on from my previous collection, which I designed for my mother.

I design everything myself, which is rare for someone in entertainment, and they liked my enthusiasm. I did all of my own sketches, and someone helped me draw it to scale for the manufacturer to make the molds. It's been a wonderful experience.

CM: Do you have a favorite piece, and does it reflect your personal style?

NR: Right now I like the Starry Knight necklace. I don't have anything else like this in my own jewelry closet. Because I'm doing a lot of music with my husband [musician Paul McDonald] — it's kind of folky/country — we wear a lot of denim together, and I didn't have any necklaces to wear with a buttoned-up denim shirt [which the star was sporting at the event]. So I came up with this design to layer underneath the collar. It felt unique yet subtle.

CM: You've been busy. What's next?

NR: I'm going back home [Los Angeles] to start shooting a film in just a few days — Murder of a Cat. Sami Raimi is producing. It's with Greg Kinnear, Blythe Danner and Fran Kranz — who is the funniest guy on the planet.

I get in at 2 am and go straight to rehearsals. I produced a movie, Snap, that went to SXSW this year, and my husband and I sang at the festival. So I'm doing a lot of writing and writing music while I continue to design jewelry.

Hopefully other forms of design and expression will come in the future. I would also love to direct someday, so we'll see.


Shop the full collection of baubles ($48-$84) designed by Reed at 7 For All Mankind at NorthPark Center or the 7 For All Mankind website

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