tisdag 4 juni 2013

New Promotional Key Art + Still "Under The Dome" - Rachelle Lefevre

 photo UndertheDome-NewPromotionalKeyArt3_FULL_zps84c04cbd.jpg photo 103037_3223b_0_zpsc296a807.jpg photo under-the-dome06_zpsc461dac2.jpg 
  Source  | CBS
LAtimes "People have been saying we're like 'Revolution' or 'The Walking Dead,'" Lefevre said, kicking off her flip-flops as she sat on a part of the set built to look like an independent radio station. "But this isn't a post-apocalyptic show. These people are in their homes the same way they were before anything happened. It's more like, 'What if you were stuck in your house and the door was glued shut?' What kind of bad choices would you make, and would they be different from the bad choices you make during normal life?"

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Update via foforks
Under the Dome - Episode 1.01 - Pilot - Press Release spoilertv

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