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#thedeadmen Added Jackson Quotes Interview: New 'The Dead Men' Stills and BTS Photo

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Finished Filming the first movie "Made in Hollywood" in Medellín

Bogotá. - The filming of the movie "The Dead Men" ends this weekend in the Colombian city of Medellin, who first served as a set for a movie directed by and starring industry figures in Hollywood and produced by Colombians.

U.S. actor Jackson Rathbone, who plays the vampire Jasper Hale in the "Twilight" saga, and the Mexican actor Diego Boneta, who debuted with Tom Cruise in the musical "Rock of Ages" (2012), highlighted today in Medellin speaking to reporters the possibilities of Colombia as a destination for filming.

"I was surprised by the passion of people (Colombia) to do his art and the access to many locations, the ocean, the mountains, nature and cities, it gives a big advantage," said Rathbone.

The Mexican said Medellinenses pride in their city, which has "a really cool vibe (great)".

For his part, the director of the Colombian producer Contento Films, Alejandro Arango said that this film "is part of the commitment to making films in Colombia to export worldwide, (...) quality and competitive."

Although funding of two million dollars, Colombian in its entirety, the film is shot in English and in the poster provides another American name, the Kirk Sullivan, who has worked in movies like "Sherlock Holmes" and "Matrix" and made his debut as a feature film director with this thriller set in Medellin.

Arango explained that "The Dead Men" tells the story of Michael (Boneta), a young American who comes to Medellin no money after having traveled backpacking South America and meets a woman who introduces him to a group of friends living " as dead or going to die tomorrow. "

These young people, who call themselves "The Dead Men", living in an old children's psychiatric hospital "without fear, without regrets and life head-on," through experiences "crazy" dressed with extreme sports and electronic music that change entirely Michael's life.

The role of Rathbone, "Jacob", "believes that to have life is about living to the limit and be on the verge of death", something that the actor confessed to being something identified.

Medellin, who went from being considered in the nineties the most violent city in the world to be elected the most innovative city in 2012, is the epicenter of the Colombian government plans to attract film projects to the country.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, signed in July 2012, the Law for the Promotion of the Film Industry, which provides tax benefits battery Colombians and foreigners who choose to Colombia as the setting for his films.

A national or international producer in Colombia rolls receive a payment of 40% of the costs incurred for services film and 20% of the costs for accommodation, food and transportation.

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