torsdag 6 juni 2013

Update from “TRACERS” with Taylor Lautner Tnxs @CelebsAngel

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Taylor's Next Project with Wyck - “TRACERS” Feature Film 04-25-13 
PHONE: 718-246-6783
STATUS: June 17 LOCATION: New York
PRODUCER: Marty Bowen - Wyck Godfrey WRITER: Matt Johnson DIRECTOR: Daniel Benmayor PM: Daniel Lumpkin
CAST: Taylor Lautner
TEMPLE HILL PRODUCTIONS 9255 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 801 West Hollywood, CA 90069 310-270-4383
FILMNATION ENTERTAINMENT 345 N. Maple Dr., Ste. 202, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310-859-0088 FAX 310-860-1580
A fun, action-packed thriller in the vein of Point Break, set in the world of parkour. Cam (Lautner), a messenger in New York City is a wiz on a bike but
is in deeply in debt to an organized crime gang. He crashes his bike into a sexy stranger and is seduced by her and the thrill of the world of parkour to
which she introduces him. (June 17 - July 26)

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