onsdag 5 juni 2013

Update: New Info about Rob's Dior Commercial (Tweets)

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New Details about the Dior Commercial Rob filmed back in December in NYC Thanks to @rockhead21 , an actor who worked as an extra on the commercial.

@rockhead21: I saw a photo of Romain Gavras, & he was the same guy who directed the Robert Pattison Dior commercial I worked on. I remember seeing him

Q: Can you tell us what Rob Pattinson was wearing for the commercial please?
@rockhead21: I remember he was wearing something hip and casual since he was running into the ballroom and doing a short dance w/ someone

Q: Were there any pool scenes?
@rockhead21: no pool scenes. In my scene he crashed the party and was.dancing briefly with an older party guest.

Q: Can you tell us smth more about this Dior commercial please? What is based on?
@rockhead21: Robert Pattison & french model are running around Waldorf Astoria and crash a formal stuffy gala in the ballroom

Q:  Do you know when this commercial is coming out ? 
@rockhead21: No I dont know. I am.anxiously waiting for it too

@RobertOwnsMe I think they were running around the staircases and also in the kitchen as some extras were dressed as chefs.

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