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Jamie Campbell Bower and Cassandra Clare's Interview with @GlamourMagUK

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Which characters are the best role models in The Mortal Instruments?
Cassandra Clare: Each has something different to teach people.
How hard was it doing stunts? Have you recovered?
Jamie Campbell Bower: Very difficult and no, I’m still sore and going back to do number two [City of Ashes]!

Favorite and least favorite things about Jace?
Cassie: Favourite – that he’s loyal. Least favourite he doesn’t think before he acts.
Jamie: Most favourite is his vulnerability; least favourite – the same as Cassie.
How did the idea of this book series come about?
Cassie: I was inspired after going to magical New York City.
Jamie, you’ve said Lily is amazing as Clary, what was your favourite scene to film with her?
Jamie: The Greenhouse scene.

If you could play any other character, who would you play?
Cassie: Magnus!
Jamie: Madame Dorethea.
Has the character of Jace inspired or changed you?
Jamie: A lot. There are parts of Jace in me that I didn’t know existed.
What was it that made Jamie’s audition stand out?
Cassie: Jace goes through lots of emotional changes & Jamie was the

Best Jace line?
Jamie: “To love is to destroy” – it’s pretty accurate.
Cassie: “If you want me to rip my clothes off you should have just asked.”
Jamie, any plans for releasing some of your music on iTunes?
Jamie: Yes, lots of plans.
Cassie, did your perception of the characters change after seeing the film?
Cassie: Yes, when I’m writing I picture

Shadowhunter, vampire, warlock, werewolf or mundane?
Jamie: Shadowhunter.
Cassie: Warlock.
What are you looking forward to, in the City of Ashes film?
Cassie: The court scene
Jamie: The development of characters
Which celebrity do you think is secretly a shadowhunter?
Cassie: David Bowie
Jamie: The Hoff
When are you going to start filming City of Ashes?
Jamie: End of September.

Which actor do you look up to?
Jamie: Old school actors & generally actresses. I love Audrey Hepburn.
Cassie, who inspired you for the character of Jace?
Cassie: A bit Mr Darcy & Heathcliffe and a bit of people I’ve met in real life.

Thanks for all your questions. The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones is out in cinemas on 21 August.

Full Interview

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