torsdag 29 augusti 2013

New Dior Photos and GIF + Old Pictures Now in Better Quality

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New Photo from Dior Tumblr

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Old Photos Now in Better Quality

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New GIFs

James Dean Quotes

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New Dior Photos from the Dior Homme Stand in Sephora

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Video of Ad in Sephora

A description of the 20-second ad
First we see Camille coming to him while he is sitting on the bed doing his shoelaces. We see her legs. He looks up to watch her. Then you see them on the bed, sitting down, she embraces him, kisses his neck, it is very sweet. Then there is a close up of Rob's face (gorgeous), eyes closed, lying on the bed, she is in his arms and he leans in to kiss her. Then there's the upside down underwater kiss with Camille! After that there is the gif Dior posted earlier today, Rob is walking on the rooftop in New York. Then we see Camille sunbathing at the hotel on the beach, and then back into the room she is dancing while tying the hair into a ponytail. And finally, Rob on the rooftop in New York, gorgeous, with his sunglasses. That's it!

Source: pattinson-art-work - Dior Via: RPLife

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