lördag 17 augusti 2013

New Fan Pictures of Rob at a LA Hospital Today (August 16, 2013)

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Fan Account:  I CAN'T BREATHE I JUST MET ROBERT PATTINSON I'M NOT EVEN LYING. It was in LA at a hospital. He had like people with him I guess like assistants and staff but otherwise it was just him. He didn't have any cameras with him which made me love him even more because he didn't do this for the media. He was visiting the patients there :) He is so sweet. Meeting Robert was literally a dream come true! I was so ridiculously shy but he was kind of shy too! His smile made my heart swell. We shared a few words but we were both shy. I took up most of the time trying not to fan girl. I honestly cried when he left. I didn't want him to see my cry so I held in it but I mean as soon as he left the tears streamed down my face. I am stuck in this hospital room but the woman told me he met another fan and her heart rate went up. He was scared for her. e don't know if he went to any other floors but he visited two people in isolation (including me) and went to a patient lounge. But what warmed my heart a lot was the fact that Rob came into the room without looking at me as something contagious. He hugged me!

Source: @NonPetroLiam via RPLife

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