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Dakota Fanning: New 'Night Moves' Interview

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Working since she was six years old, Dakota Fanning is almost a veteran on the big screen, which makes us forget she is still only 19. The young actress went to Rio de Janeiro to promote her latest feature, Night Moves, in the 2013 Rio Festival. As could be expected, AdoroCinema used the visit to chat exclusively with child star, who is not as well mirim. Friendly and beautiful, Dakota talked about the new work, in which co-stars with Jesse Eisenberg and Peter Sarsgaard, and also about the upcoming projects. Check out the full interview!

What attracted you to the role of Dena?

I really wanted to make the film because of the director, Kelly Reichardt. I was a great fan of hers and I was very happy to work with her. And also the character. I could identify myself with various elements. I identified with the idea of being young and wanting to change things and commit acts that people notice. I can understand that and I also know that when you are young, you usually do things more dangerous because you feel that nothing bad can happen. You think you will live forever and end up taking more risks. I found this very interesting on paper.

You did research on environmental activism?

Actually, no. I think this film, however it has the element of activism and environmental issue, it is much more about these three people and their emotions. I focused more on that and did research. Kelly wrote the characters and I followed her vision rather than read what others have written.

Has anything changed in your day to day way contributes to the environment?

After the film? I think not. You try to do some things to save energy and not waste it all, but I do not think that makes more than the average person. And this is what frustrates people in the film, that small changes are not noticed quickly.

How was working with director Kelly Reichardt?

It was wonderful. She's great, a great person, very nice and funny. She is also a great director with a clear vision. And that makes it easier to achieve your goals. It is confidence, know what you want and you can get the best out of people.

The film also has a good cast. How was working with Jesse Eisenberg and Peter Sarsgaard?

I had worked with Peter before (in Very Good Girls) is my second film with him and loved it. We became great friends. And also with Jesse. We spent a lot of time together and we get to know each other very well. The two actors are amazing, but even better as friends.

You've acted in major productions like War of the Worlds and Twilight, but in recent years you've focused on small independent dramas. What attracts you to this type of project?

For me, a movie is a movie. No matter the size. My job does not change if a production is large or small. There's no reason that I've done more independent films, it's only the characters and the stories that have attracted me most in recent times.

What are your next projects?

I start a new film in a few weeks called Franny, with Richard Gere, and I'm really excited. I also did one called The Last of Robin Hood, with Kevin Kline and Susan Sarandon, who is leaving. I feel like I'm forgetting something.

Still have Effie Gray. How was working with Emma Thompson?

True! It was extraordinary, she is so talented. Loved working with her.

Can you talk a little more about The Last Robin Hood and working with Kevin Kline and Susan Sarandon?

It was great working with Kevin and Susan. They are two legends and eventually became two good friends. The film portrays the last two years of the life of Errol Flynn. Susan plays my mother and I live his last girlfriend, Beverly Aadland. It is a kind of love story between the two, a strange love story, which was very controversial because of the age difference.

How is it being a Hollywood veteran at age 19?

I do not know. Definitely, I am not a veteran. I had great opportunities to work with talented people who taught me a lot, but still have a lot I want to do. And I still have much to learn, we grow all the time. I remain excited about what lies ahead.

You starred in a short film directed by actress Kate Hudson, think of driving a day?

I would love to direct someday. It's something I think I will take pleasure in doing. One day, for sure. I do not know what or when, but definitely I think about it.

Translation By Gossip-Dance | Source: AdoroCinema

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