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English translation of #SilsMaria articles/audio interview

  • Translation: “Top Secret Shooting of ‘Sils Maria’” ( - Swiss newspaper)

Top Secret Shooting of “Sils Maria”

Over a span of 12 days scenes for the movie “Sils Maria” have been filmed in and around Sils. However, the shooting was hermetically sealed off [to journalists].

Sils Maria. No set visits, no interviews, no access to the “Waldhaus” hotel in Sils. Those were the rules for the journalists and photographers regarding the shooting of the movie “Sils Maria”. Those rules were strictly observed. Only on the last day of filming, at the Casino in St. Moritz, producer Jean-Louis Porchet allowed Radio e Televisiun Rumantscha to catch a glimpse of Hollywood stars Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche. And though the material only shows the crew standing at the bar of the casino, the footage is at least exclusive.

Among other places, scenes were shot in Furtschellas and in the hotel “Waldhaus”. The former director and cultural attaché of the hotel, Felix Dietrich, chatted with [the daily newspaper]
“Südostschweiz” after the filming was over. Then, he raved about the “grande dame of movies”, Juliette Binoche. He also said that Kristen Stewart had behaved “very proper”, even though she was the only one who had a bodyguard with her.

Only one paparazzo not caught.

The production company CAB Productions SA purposely didn’t allow any kind of press during the shooting, in order to be able to work without being disturbed. The crew was taken to the sets by helicopter; the security measures in the hotel were tight. However, one paparazzo managed to get inside the hotel after all - disguised as a guest.

The movie “Sils Maria” from the French director and script writer Olivier Assayas is about the highly acclaimed actress Maria Enders (Juliette Binoche), who auditioned for a role that was later given to a younger actress. Enders retreats to Sils Maria, accompanied by her assistant (Kristen Stewart), who will become more than just an assistant to her. Next to Sils, locations [the film was shot at] were Leipzig and Berlin as well as Southern Tyrol (Italy). When the film will hit the theaters is still unknown.

  • Translation: “A Breeze of Hollywood” (audio interview, SRF - Swiss TV and Radio channel)

"A Breeze of Hollywood - Talk with Felix Dietrich*" (09-23)

About whether he thought that the fame has gone to the heads of young actresses Chloe Moretz and Kristen Stewart:

There have been two, two young stars - Chloe Moretz and Kristen Stewart - who, despite their fame and despite everything that has been written about them, especially in the tab magazines, behaved absolutely normal and fair and worked well in the team.

About whether the Hollywood stars had special requests:

Well, there are always some, of course. In terms of food: they like to eat vitamin bars, they like to eat lean meat and so on. And at certain times, they needed to have certain things, so they would be able to start off their day well. But even that was absolutely kept to a minimum. suedostschweiz

*former director of the hotel “Waldhaus” in Sils Maria Tnxs KStewandRPatz

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