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New Still (@ChloeGMoretz) + Photo #SilsMaria Set with Kristen In South Tyrol - Italy

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Video Link | Still: source FB | via SilsMariaMovie

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LSRvar35-2013 por Lasagarobsten

Short resume on the TV segment on "Sils Maria": Tnxs @myturningpage via @Mel52
Kristen Stewart came with a bodyguard to the Engadin which was quite special for that remote area.
Only 4 little girls showed up at the Waldhaus to see Kristen, and they were nice so it was fine with the producer.
The hotel director says he's had far more famous people than those Hollywood stars. But he has great regard for them. The film will be ready for the Cannes Film Festival 2014.

From altfg comments
 @charlegillibert talks about precision about the casting process
September 24, 2013
Hi ! to make it quick : K.S was 1rst choice, she was still comitted on an other movie on our dates, so M.W jumped in but was linked to disney in case they would launch pirates 2 and they did it, so we came back to K.S with a new schedule and she accepted.
Best, Charles

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