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Stephenie Meyer looks back on a decade of 'Twilight'

app The rest, as they say, is history. Meyer’s four-book teen vampire romance saga has sold more than 100 million copies since the publication of the first book in 2005 and launched a hit film franchise.
Now the producer of the film version of friend Shannon Hale’s comedic novel “Austenland,” Meyer reflected on the 10-year journey “Twilight” has taken her on.

“It feels like I’m super, super old,” said Meyer, 39. “Like 10 years? Oh, my gosh, I don’t know where it went. But it’s amazing to stop and think back to my life 10 years ago and how drastically it has changed. I just wouldn’t have seen any of it coming. If you had told me back then, ‘Ten years from now you’ll be promoting a movie you produced,’ I’d have been like, ‘What drugs are you taking?’ It’s so bizarre.”

The massive success of “Twilight” led Meyer to the world of film production. Through her company Fickle Fish Films, she produced the two-part adaptation of “The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn” in 2011 and 2012, and earlier this year released the film version of her novel “The Host.”

“They’re so different,” Meyer said of the film and literature worlds. “I feel like it’s a completely different kind of artistic outlet. Writing is so solitary and so much in your own head. You have to enjoy being a hermit, which I very much do.

“Film is a chance to be creative with a big group of people and work with other people’s ideas and kind of see how people do things and learn from that. And so in a way, doing the movies that I’ve done has been a lot like taking a couple of semesters of college, it’s my own little film school. And I love learning new things, so I’ve really enjoyed that.”

There’s been some talk of a ghost story or a mermaid tale from the author in the future, but Meyer remained mum on the subject of her next written work.

“See, back in the early days I used to tell people about all of the ideas that I had floating in my head that I assumed would become books at some point,” she said. “But then, people have the expectation that it will be out in six months, and so I really don’t talk about what I’m working on anymore because it changes a lot.

“I’ll be working on something and then another idea will drag me away. I guess that’s really my problem, committing to one idea and sticking with it. And so I’m not going to talk about what I’m working on right now.”

In the years since the initial success of “Twilight,” plenty of folks have been busy making jokes at the franchise’s expense. What’s Meyer’s take on the “Twilight” parodies and mockery?

“Oh, I think it’s fun,” she said. “I think my favorite is probably the ‘South Park’ episode that was ‘Twilight’ related, that one was hysterical. As long as something makes me laugh, I’m all for it.”

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