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#TIFF13 "Night Moves" director talks about Dakota Fanning + new interview (video)

 Dakota Fanning Embraces the Chaos of Making Indies
The young star was at the festival promoting two films: The Last of Robin Hood starring alongside Susan Sarandon and Night Moves with Jesse Eisenberg.

THR "One of my favorite films is Blue Valentine and I think ... I've read a lot about how they made that movie, and I love Michelle Williams, which is how I found out about Kelly (Reichardt). I was like, 'Oh my god, I would love to be in one of her movies,' " says Dakota. "That film really resonated with me, and it seemed really meaningful."

Kelly Reichardt Talks Her Eco-Thriller ‘Night Moves,’ The Mysteries Of Co-Star Dakota Fanning 
indiewire (..) But you have an eye for talent, and now Dakota Fanning and Jesse Eisenberg have joined your crew. I’m thinking about Jesse Eisenberg and how he’s kind of known for his fast talking ways, but he’s quite taciturn in “Night Moves.” What did you see in him?

It’s funny: everyone talks about that since we’ve been out with the movie. But I’ve always thought of him as having this face—he can’t settle his face. You can just see his brain working through his face all the time, and that’s sort of what appealed to me.

Is he intense on set?
He’s very fun—and I’m not just saying that—he’s very funny and quick-witted. But he’s also a super inquisitive person, so you have to know what you’re doing. You can’t bullshit your way through anything with Jesse, because he’s going to call you on it. He’s so analytical—he goes through everything with such a fine-toothed comb, and I’m the same way, I can’t turn my brain off. But it keeps you on your toes, and the process is so long, you come to know things in a way that it’s almost like you forget them, you know what I mean? It was an epiphany at one point, but then it’s something you know, and it goes to other waters, but I had to just sort of be on my toes for him, because he’s a thinker.

What about Dakota?
Dakota’s a complete mystery to me. I have no idea. She’s totally down for anything.

Do you think it’s because she’s grown up acting?
I don’t know. I can’t figure out Dakota. She’s grown up acting, so I would think she wouldn’t be the person who’s like, “Oh, I’ll stay where the crew’s staying,” in our crappy motel, and walk down to the Taco Bell and get herself dinner every night. She’s a very self-sufficient person. You cannot do something for her.

She’s 19, but she’s so absolute. She works in a really private way; she does not like to talk about process. You can ask her to do something differently, and she will adjust, but she does not want to have a long conversation about the why of it. That’s all personal to her; it’s sort of like, “That’s my business. How I get there will be my business.”

They really couldn’t be more polar opposites for the way they work, but they were also total buds on the movie. And also—we don’t really have a separation from cast and crew. Our cast has to be, like Michelle always was: “I understand what you’re saying. Hey, while you’re talking, pick up that apple box and walk over here.” Jesse had to drive this old truck that was really hard to manage, pulling a boat on small roads. And Dakota—you know, it was freezing and wet and she was just totally down for everything.

Not a diva.
At all. I had no idea what to expect, but she was also just so super with us—part of the group—but as far as the process goes, totally private about it. Read more at source

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