onsdag 11 september 2013

#Twilight Ashley Greene On "CBGB" #NYFW

Front-Row Talk: Ashley Greene at Kaufmanfranco
 photo AshleyGreeneMBFWBackstageKaufmanfranco_zpsd6d7d695.jpgELLE We almost didn’t recognize the newly blond Ashley Greene in Kaufmanfranco’s front row last night. The Twilight star laughed when we asked her what her natural hair color is: “Who knows at this point?” she said. Next, Greene will appear alongside Mickey Sumner in the much anticipated music flick, CBGB, out October 11.

In the film, Greene plays Lisa, the daughter of CBGB founder Hilly Kristal, whose real-life counterpart was able to help Greene prepare for her role. “[Lisa] told me stories and showed me photos that no one’s ever seen, which was very cool,” said Greene. “It was a very fun, easy-going group. If I had ideas for the script, Jodi (one of the writers/producers) would sit down with me and we’d edit. It was a really cool project to be a part of. And the cast is extraordinary!”

CBGB's soundtrack is filled with the original punk and New Wave tracks. “It’s so hard to get music for films,” explained Greene. “We got lucky, because for a lot of people involved with Hilly and CBGB, this was important to them, especially for New Yorkers. A lot of people jumped at the opportunity to get involved.”

As for her Twilight days, Greene still find the first film the most poignant. “It’s really cool to think back to the time before it all happened [when] we just had no idea how extraordinary it was going to be,” she recalled.

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