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Added full translation New #DiorRob new photo in "GQ" Italy (Scans)

@FeistyAngel34 editions:
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HQ Scans: RobPattMoms | Few quotes tnxs flying099
*¨I've started to have an idea of my career & I'm more demanding.True: waiting for the right role I run the risk of remaining in stand-by¨
The interviewer asked abt the BMW in the ad and I read quickly. Corrected the quote. Mi dispiace...
¨My favourite car is a '56 Mercedes, the ¨Gullwing¨ spider. She costs 3 million dollars. Maybe I better wait...¨
*¨It will be very different from Lawrence of Arabia by David Lean., and, I believe closer to the real character.¨
*¨I like period cars. I own a Shelby, very beautiful, but she is always at the mechanic's¨
*¨If you don't have a movie that makes millions every year, you are done. This way you don't even have time to learn¨
* Re free time: ¨I'll disappoint you. Nine out of ten times I'd be on my couch reading scripts or checking IMDB ¨in development¨ section...
*¨... then I'd sent my agent emails asking: What do you think?¨
*¨I: What else do you do in LA. R: Surf, even though, unfortunaly I'm terrible¨ GQ Italy - No, Roberto. MalibuRob is awesome!
*¨I: And which is your relationship with clothes? R: Tell you this: I buy a new pair of shoes, someone says that they are ugly and I... ¨

Full Translation: Via RPlife
Translation thanks to @catrux
Q:you were against commercials, but you define this Dior ad 'an anti-commercial'. Why?
:The product appears only in the last frame, for one. Also, they gave us creative freedom: Romain actually made a micro-film out of it.

Q:Was it the right moment to do a commercial?
I wouldn't have done it during the Twilight days, but after two more "intimate" movies, a commercial is good for visibility. In this business, you have to be good at handling your persona.

Q:Do you feel the pressure of taking decisions?
People think since you're famous you have a team taking care your career. But a lot of us don't have one, and it's really difficult.

Q:Why did you choose the "author movies" path?
I've always liked that kind of movie, and after Cosmopolis, they've finally started offering me thjose roles. I'm starting to have a clear view of my career and I'm more demanding. Of course, waiting for the right role, there's risk of going in stand-by..

Q:You look pretty busy.
Yes, but with indie movies you have no certainties. At the moment, for instance, I should start an Herzog movie.

Q: QoTD, and you'll be T.E.Lawrence. An icon.
It will be very different from the original 'Lawrence of Arabia', I think much closer to the real character. Locations should be crazy: a canyon in the Jordan desert, where no one's ever shot before, but Herzog knows the King and we should make it.

Q:Jude Law, who was a Dior face before you, said:"When you're at the top, you have all the attention you need, but you would do without it. After a couple years, they ask you about the new guy and who's..eleven years old!".
He's right! A few days ago, I met a guy who introduced himself as "the new me". What's wrong with people? What does it mean "the new me"? If you don't have a successful movie once every 2 years, you're done. You don't even have time to learn.

Q:Have you learnt to handle fame?
Fame is a fight to survive! Some people can't take it and freak out, but I can understand that. With paps hiding everywhere, it's really difficult to meet new people and have new experiences.

Q:Do you spend time with friends?
 When I got to the US, for Twilight, I only knew people who gave me a ride since I couldn't drive. They're my oldest friends.

Q:Do you feel at home in the US, now?
 I've been living here for a while now, I like Cali because it's chill, there's something deeply serene in the air. LA is very different now: lots of peole from all over the world live here now.

Q:What do you like doing in your free time?
I'll disappoint you, but 9/10 times I just lay on the sofa, reading scripts or browsing IMBD in development section. Then I email my agent, asking him what does he think about it.

Q:What's something you can do in LA?
Surf. But I suck.

Q:In the Dior ad, you drive an old BMW on a beach. Do you like cars?
Yes, old cars: I have a very beautiful Shelby, but it's always under maintenance. My favourite is a 1956 Merceds, the Gullwing Spider. 3 million dollar car. I think it's best to wait..

Q:What about your relationship with clothes?
Here's a story: I'd bought a new pair of shoes, someone told me they looked ugly. And I just stood there, dumbstruck, before going out on stage in front of 6 thousand people. I thought I'd gotten over such things, but just a small hint and I find myself nervous about it, like the first time.
IPad Screenshot Tnxs  @FeistyAngel34

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