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New Q&A with Kellan Lutz On ABBOT + MAIN

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network.details Kind and hardworking, two traits that aren't common among the Hollywood crowd, with the exception to a few, including an individual I caught up with recently. KELLAN LUTZ, Model-turned-Actor-turned-Designer, recently invited me to check out + chat about  his new Abbot + Main Spring/Summer '14 collection. Some of you might already know him as Emmet Cullen from The Twilight Saga, and will soon see Lutz on the big screen as both Tarzan & Hercules, which makes complete sense since one of Kellan's arms is equivalent to my entire body.

Abbot + Main, co-founded by Kellan Lutz and Danny Guez, evolved from a company that started off with zip up hoodies to pullovers, to now a more lifestyle brand that consists of tees, henleys, sweatpants and much more. The brand focuses on three important aspects: comfort, quality and fit, the same three things every consumer is seeking for. Abbot + Main offers the most comfortable fabrics, 5 for women and 4 for men, that are inspired from all over the world. It's difficult to explain how comfortable, soft and impeccable the fabrics used actually are without having the person test-drive it themselves.  Unlike many celebrity's that have clothing lines, Kellan contributes invests an immense amount of time and heart into the collection. You can snag some Abbot + Main  swag from mega department stores like Bloomindales and Nordstrom. Plus, you can find more info right over here. 

TMM: How did the idea of starting a clothing brand come into play?
KL: For me, when we started this, it was all about comfort. That to me is key. You want to be comfortable in what you are wearing so you don't have to think about what you are wearing. And as an actor doing the red carpet I would wear stuff like tight pants that just wasn't me, and I would be thinking about it and I couldn't express what I needed to express.

TMM: These fabrics are superb. Where did you find them?
KL: I pulled a lot of them from my closet. And also I was traveling the world doing these movies so I found some great stuff from Bulgaria, Indonesia and Munich and brought them home with me.

TMM: How did you come up with the name ABBOT + MAIN?
KL: I'm from North Dakota and Arizona. When I moved to Venice, I lived right here ( pointing at Abbot Kinny BLVD + Main Street) I fell in love with Venice, fell in love with the lifestyle, the people, bars, the fashion, coffee shops, everything. It had its own personality and being in Hollywood, you know everything is Hollywood, so to find this little place that's not like it, it was an escape-- I was so happy. Seeing people riding their bikes, I was addicted because I've never really experienced anything like it. So, when I started this collaboration, every name I came up with was weird. Then I loved Abbot & Main and I couldn't think of a more appropriate name. That is also why our symbol is crossroads.

TMM: The collection is super vibrant and exciting, where did you draw the inspiration from?
KL: It's Lifestyle, Luxury, Classic-- being in Venice you can go through Abbot Kinny wearing a tee by Abbot + Main and get a coffee. And when you go to the beach the temperature drops quite easily and you can throw on Abbot + Main pullover or hoodie, so everything is complimentary with one another. Plus, All the clothing breathes really well. The colors-- like I'm a huge fan [of all the brands doing the similar thing], but all these earthy colors, I felt like no one is taking a risk and no one was going back to, you know, brightness. For me, I fell in love with Venice and it was just this new life to me and everyone is happy, there's this whole new life there which reminded of taste the rainbow Skittles, so bringing color back out it makes you smile, and you feel good.

TMM: Ok...Lastly, you must have a few favorite designers. Drop them.
KL: Tommy is great. I love Ferragamo (pointing out my vibrant Salvatore Ferragamo sneakers, which I should add had zero logo or signage present)
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