onsdag 23 oktober 2013

Nikki Reed: All About My Midnight Anniversary Celebration

 photo nikki-reed-768_zps9fffbefa.jpg People It's been two years since Twilight star Nikki Reed and American Idol alum Paul McDonald tied the knot, and on Oct. 16, the couple celebrated their anniversary with a date night full of pampering.

"We kept it low key this year," Reed told PEOPLE at the Unlikely Heroes Award dinner and gala Saturday night. "So we went to a midnight spa session. It's amazing. This place called Voda Spa on Santa Monica. We did a couples thing."

Reed, who also performed on stage with her husband at the event to raise awareness against human trafficking, says she's learned a lot about marriage over the past two years.

"It's important to communicate and stay on the same page," said Reed. "With what we do for a living, it's important we make each other know they come first."

And when it comes to romance, Reed says that her husband gets an A for effort.

"He's all about the setting and ambience," she said. "Even though he's not the best cook, he's great at getting take out from my favorite places and setting it up like he cooked it. He gets a good grade for effort."

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