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Rob Attends "Australians in Film" Awards & Benefit Dinner in LA

2nd Annual Australians In Film Awards Gala

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MY VERDICT: For his first formal event since the Golden Globes back in January, Robert shined bright in a deep sapphire two-button suit at the Australians In Film Awards Gala in Los Angeles this evening where he presented an award to Baz Luhrmann and posed with actress Isla Fisher (pictured above). If the photo was a scratch and sniff, we’d probably be getting the swoonworthy scent of Dior Homme–however, when it came to his suit designer, the 27-year-old actor stuck by his go-to Gucci.
The man tends to look in every suit he wears, but I’m particularly fond of his choices of vibrant color. Showing off his strong jaw with just a little bit of stubble, Rob finished with a white shirt, a matching navy silk tie, and lace-up brown leather shoes.

eonline The Australian actress (Isla Fisher) went to Pattinson's table to introduce herself and the pair ended up chatting and taking photos together. While making new famous friends, Rob was also busy indulging in some dinner (a healthy dinner, of course).
The star was seen eating a salad and drinking white wine at his table. Someone at the event told E! News that he's acting "really laid back" and "in a cheerful mood and laughing" while talking to Fisher and guests at his table. Pattinson has been following a strict fitness regimen to get into shape for his new flick Mission: Blacklist, where he'll play a young military interrogator who helps lead the mission to capture Saddam Hussein.
ninemsn : While presenting an award at the Australian's in Film Awards in LA today, Robert Pattinson dropped a bit of a bomb… it's hard for him to make friends! Aww bless him.

"It's always easier to make friends and be happier when you're unemployed and unsuccessful like I was in London when I first started," he said. "LA is extremely cut throat."

But don't worry guys, our reporter on the scene spotted the Twilight star and he looked as cheery as ever... enjoying several glasses of vino before he got up on stage. And there was us thinking he'd been warned about his recent partying!

popsugar: Robert Pattinson was a Brit among a sea of Aussies at tonight's Australians in Film gala in LA. A suited-up — and nearly scruff-free — Rob was on hand to present an honor to Blue Tongue Films. The production company is behind his upcoming movie The Rover, which was shot in Southern Australia.

Rob had a front-row table at the award ceremony, where he dined on kohlrabi and beet salad by his rep's side and laughed along with the rest of the crowd — who included Isla Fisher, Hawaii Five-O's Alex O'Loughlin, and several prominent Australian filmmakers — during the raucous festivities. Tonight was the second public appearance Rob has made this week; on Tuesday, he attended a screening of his friend Nicholas Jarecki's latest directorial project, Seduced and Abandoned.

Isla Fisher presented Baz Luhrman with one of two Orry Kelly International awards tonight. The Great Gatsby director couldn't be there to accept in person, so she announced that she'd take home his boomerang statuette, teasing: "My first award!" Isla also couldn't resist comparing the title of the honor to the R&B singer with a very similar name: R. Kelly.
When Rob presented the second of the statuettes to Blue Tongue shortly after Isla, he said he was chagrined she'd already made the first R. Kelly-related crack. Then, he jokingly referred to the honor as "the golden shower award," earning the evening's biggest roar of laughter from the crowd. In typical self-deprecating form, Rob also wondered out loud if he should ditch his "insanely" generic written speech, but ultimately decided against it after the crowd urged him to keep reading.

variety Robert Pattinson presented a Fox Studios Australia Orry-Kelly International Award (or “the R Kelly golden shower award,” as he called it) to Blue-Tongue Films — a production collective of eight filmmakers. “You look at the film industry now, everyone’s so cut-throat, especially in L.A.,” Pattinson said. “Seeing how the Blue Tongue group came together, they all seem to support each other and they’re also critics that share high quality work without their egos getting involved.”

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