torsdag 17 oktober 2013

Update #2: Death Grips Not Making a Movie With Robert Pattinson and @ColinHanks

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Despite their latest round of tour cancellations, things are actually happening in CampDeath Grips. Today, the band released a brief-yet-news-filled open letter, offering additional details on the band’s new record label Thirdworlds, Zach Hill’s previously announced short film, and vocalist Stefan Burnett’s upcoming art books (via Pigeons & Planes).
Update: Pitchfork is reporting that the band told them the letter is a fake, and that they don’t know who wrote it. Then again, this is Death Grips we’re talking about, so who knows which part of this is the real truth.
Update #2: Hanks tells Consequence of Sound that news of him making a movie with Death Grips is untrue. So it definitely looks like we can chalk this one up as a hoax. Sorry, folks.
Death Grips have been off the radar as of late, with a string of cancellations as they apparently work on music and a feature-length film, plus the wide release of last year's albumNO LOVE DEEP WEB.
Today, Pigeons and Planes claimed that they received a message from the band about what they've been up to. Among other things, it claimed that drummer Zach Hill had directed a short film called Misoneism about "the underground prostitution business" starring Robert Pattinson (vampiric heartthrob of Twilight fame) and Colin Hanks (son of Tom), with a soundtrack by Death Grips.
However, the band tells Pitchfork that none of this is true. There is no short film directed by Zach Hill and starring Robert Pattinson. They don't know who sent the letter.
But, this being Death Grips... who knows what's going on.

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