lördag 26 oktober 2013

(Videos) Jackson Rathbone audition for @BeebsMoney

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People Jackson Rathbone's gilded smirk and arched eyebrow was secretly the best part of the hit vampire series. I mean, have you heard him say "Possibly" in Breaking Dawn? It's great! Anyway, he ate yogurt on YouTube this week (no, really!), poked a little fun at the franchise and proved that yes, Virginia, emo vampires do have a sense of humor.

• Jackson Rathbone Searches for John Stamos – Adorably Jackson Rathbone jokes his way through this faux audition with ska band Beebs and Her Money Makers to play John Stamos in a yogurt commercial. It's random, weird, charming and adorable, much like Jasper.

*Jackson Rathbone- BAHMM tv (Public Service Announcement)

@JacksonRathboneCheck out my audition for @beebsmoney @bahmm to play #johnstamos http://say.ly/CCf748C Don't think I landed the gig...hahaha!

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