fredag 15 november 2013

1000 Lives' Book Will Be Available - (Only 500 Copies of Nan Goldin's 'Robert Pattinson)

Men's Style Magazine recently published an article about Nan Goldin's 'Robert Pattinson - 1000 Lives' book mentioning that only 500 copies would be available.

Pattinson is the subject of a collector's edition book of photographs by celebrated snapper Nan Goldin. Only 500 copies of 1000 Lives - Goldin's tender emotion-charged portraits of Pattinson in 28 poster-sized images will be available, in special collector's edition presentation boxes.

Pattinson_AW checked with the representatives of Rizzoli New York Editions (the publisher) in Paris regarding the 500 copies and here is their answer:
"The box '1000 Lives' by Nan Goldin, discussed in the Men's Style's article is the book to be published by Rizzoli New York. I confirm that this is a collector's edition which print is limited to 500 copies. "

"I can confirm that there is only one version of the book."

So if you still didn't get your copy, order it now at Amazon UK. It probably won't be available for much longer longer.

Scan: RPAustralia | Via RPLife

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