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ICYMI (Video) Rachel Gets the Role for "Funny Girl" Plus Peter Facinelli On ‘Glee’: I’ve Formed A Bond With Lea Michele

Rachel Gets the Role for Funny Girl

Peter Facinelli On ‘Glee’: You’ll See More Of Me
“I don’t get to work with the entire cast, mostly [just] Lea Michele,” Peter told HollywooodLIfe.com exclusively on Nov. 4 at the Twilight Fan Forever Experience event.

Peter, who portrayed Dr. Cullen in the Twilight saga, recently signed on to Glee as a director on Broadway — and he loves working on the show with the whole cast.

“Glee has the hardest working cast I’ve ever seen,” he said. “You’re jumping from one set to the next doing dance rehearsals. I’m fortunate enough where I don’t have to dance or sing. I was there when they [would] bust out into these dance numbers they’d been rehearsing on their time of
“My character doesn’t require it!” he laughed. “I keep humming in the trailer hoping to be discovered. They haven’t yet.”

So, should we expect to see more of Peter on Glee?

“I’ve only done three episodes,” he said. “If time permits, you’ll see more of me. I’d love to do more.” We were introduced to Peter in “Love, Love, Love” and “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds” — so that means we’ll see him again, at least in one more episode!

“I’m a part of that family,” he said. “We started from the beginning, so the bonds there are for a family. And I may not see a Twilight member for a while, but when you see them you pick up where you left off — there’s no awkwardness.  It’s like seeing a relative you haven’t seen for a while — you just get this happy family. With Glee . . . they already have their family. But now I feel an extended part of it. It’s hard moving into a moving train.”

However, he likes being a “third cousin” and tols us that everyone on set is “so nice and welcoming.”

“Now I have a connection with Glee fans – it’s like a crossover for Glee and Twilight fans,” he added. HL

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