fredag 8 november 2013

Kellan Lutz Sticks Up for Crustaceans

peta A recent PETA investigation uncovered horrific treatment of lobsters and crabs at a Linda Bean slaughterhouse in Maine. The investigative video footage shows animals being ripped apart while they’re alive and struggling. In response, thousands of compassionate people are crying out in protest—including Twilight star and animal activist Kellan Lutz.

I watched as conscious lobsters were torn apart by your employees, who then threw them into dumpsters to die slowly and painfully, treating them as if they were trash rather than living beings.

Studies have shown that all animals have the capacity to experience pain and suffering—that includes crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters.
When PETA investigated the slaughterhouse doing business as Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster, they uncovered  the following:
Lobsters’ heads were ripped from their bodies and dropped into bins, along with their abdomens. Their antennae and legs continued to move after their bodies had been torn apart.
Workers slammed live crabs onto spikes to break off their top shells and shoved the animals’ exposed organs and flesh against rapidly spinning brushes. The crabs were then tossed onto a conveyor belt and dumped—alive—into boiling water.

*2nd article here
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