lördag 2 november 2013

New "Fishing Naked" Clip with Bronson Pelletier and Tinsel Korey (Stills)

Bronson Pelletier and Tinsel Korey star in upcoming comedy.

UsaToday How do you follow up being in Twilight movies? If you're Bronson Pelletier and Tinsel Korey, you embrace your inner Bigfoot.

The two actors, who played werewolves in the popular vampire-romance franchise, star in the upcoming indie comedy Fishing Naked, directed by Pete Coggan (Woodshop).

Slated for a spring release, the movie groups two buds, David (Pelletier) and Rodney (Evan Williams of DeGrassi: The Next Generation), with a pair of a "hippie chicks," Jen (Korey) and Amy (Elyse Levesque), as they hatch various schemes to scare tourists and keep them out of the woods. But they attract reporters, federal agents and a whole heap of trouble when they dress up as Bigfoot and turn the forest into a media circus.
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ICYMI Trailer: 
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