onsdag 13 november 2013

New Still "The Magic Bracelet" - Jackson Rathbone Plus Screening at @NapaFilmFest

 photo themagicbracelet_zps2fb2d559.png

The Magic Bracelet Screening 1 November 16 @ 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
More Info: Here | FBNapaFilmFest

 FBRina's Magic Bracelet Movie WOO-HOO!!! Magic Bracelet Wins Best Short at the Big Apple Film Festival in NYC! Congrats to Rina, Make A Film Foundation, Jon Poll, Diablo Cody, fabulous cast and crew and all involved in the making of this magnificent film and fulfilling Rina's dream. Photos of award acceptance coming soon.

  • Next stop Napa Valley. Thank you Big Apple Film Festival for the honor. Was awesome. Not going to CA with Lucy and Ricky, but Jackson Rathbone, Director, Jon Poll, Producers Tamika Lamison and Carol Shine,casting Director Adele Jones and Rina's Parents. Lots of vino flowing thru Napa Valley, but will also be tons of Rina love, positive energy and Mito awareness flowing thru this Film Festival.

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