lördag 23 november 2013

(Video) #HFPA Interview: Kellan Lutz's "Rigorous" Training and Diet for Hot Hercules Body -


eonline ..."I wanted to put on weight," Lutz told E! News at the HFPA Miss Golden Globe announcement in West Hollywood. "Renny [Harlin] the director, he just wanted me cut, so I had to get cut".

 "For me, it was very rigorous training," he continued. "I had to learn how to ride a horse while wielding a sword and fighting mercenaries, as well as giving a badass speech and in the rain. And horses don't like the rain. It was very rigorous."

While the former Twilight star's ripped body proves the physical training paid off, he wasn't has tough when it came to the Hercules diet. "If you've ever been on a movie set, there's food all the time," he dished. "It's hard to stay healthy because I had milk chocolate bars three times a day, and I'd just eat the whole bar."

Via KLutzOnline

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