onsdag 25 december 2013

New Pictures of Rob at a Pub in London

 photo rplifexmas2_zps1f249ce2.jpg photo e32a74406cfa11e3b3280e6d664ea71a_8_zps5e49c6e2.jpg
 Tweets via Robstendreams
@MaximJamesQuick: Not trying to make all you girlies jealous.. but I met Robert Pattinson earlier and he wished me a merry Christmas.
@ChloeLoubet: Once again spending Christmas eve standing next to Robert pattinson
@K_Barnsley: In the pub with Robert Pattinson, Adrian Chiles and Heston Blumenthal #eclecticmix
@LucyKirkness: In the pub with Robert Pattinson and HESTON Blumenthal #caj
@catrawr: As much as I shouldn't be excited about Rob Pattinson standing next to me in the pub...

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