söndag 8 december 2013

Peter Faciinelli shared his experience at @AtlanticTheater

atlanticactingschool.org Casting Workshop with Todd Thaler

AtlanticTheater "I love creating the back story" - Peter Facinelli on bringing more life to his characters than what's just on the page
*"The backstory is a moment in time that's truthful, the audience may not be aware, but it's important to me." * "Know your character so well that your lines will almost become improvisational"
*Peter and Todd Thaler just realized they both worked on the movie "Tempted" after Todd did some sleuthy Googling!
*Peter Facinelli discusses his approach to monologues and his use of the Atlantic acting technique…
@peterfacinelli Had fun at my alma mater @AtlanticActing guest speaking tonight in NYC. Great program. Glad to be back!

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