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"The Walking Dead" Returns with Rosita @cserratos character

The Walking Dead: Inside Scoop on How and When the Show Returns

eonline AMC has just released an exact return date for the megahit action-horror series: Feb 9.
So...what else is in store? Here are five things to know about what lies ahead for the final eight episodes, which have already wrapped production in Georgia:


2. Abraham: In the books, Abraham (Cudlitz's character) is traveling with his girlfriend Rosita (who will be played by Twilight alum Christian Serratos) and a man named Eugene (who will be played by Josh McDermitt). Abraham and Rosita are with Eugene because he says he is a scientist who has important information about how the zombie outbreak all started. (Can it be stopped?) We are told the role of Abraham will "closely resemble but not mirror the books."

zap2it The Walking Dead" essentially hit restart with its Season 4 midseason finale, "Too Far Gone." Though the episode didn't end with a cliffhanger like Season 3's midseason finale did, it did leave viewers with a whole bunch of questions about what is coming next.
With the Prison destroyed and the Governor dead, Rick and those left alive are now scattered and on the run. Whether or not they manage to regroup with one another in a timely manner is yet to be determined, but fans at least already know that they'll bump into another group along their travels.

Back in October, it was revealed that Michael Cudlitz will play a major character from "The Walking Dead" comics, Abraham. In the comics, he is traveling with his girlfriend Rosita (played in the TV show by "Twilight Saga" alum Christian Serratos) and a man named Eugene (played by Josh McDermitt). Abraham and Rosita are with Eugene because he says he is a government scientist has important information about the origin of the zombie outbreak.

Whether or not Eugene, Abraham and Rosita will have the same storyline in "The Walking Dead" TV show is yet to be seen, but the characters are for sure coming later this season. In the comics they all are good characters, so hopefully they won't be transformed into new enemies on the series now that the Governor is dead.
If "The Walking Dead" TV show does follow the course of the comics, then that means fans will likely be seeing familiar location in Season 4b: Hershel's farm. After a similar attack on the Prison by Woodbury in the comics, those who survived headed to Hershel's to regroup.
*"The Walking Dead" returns with the second half of Season 4 in February 2014.*
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