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(Video) Kellan Lutz talks @Hercules3D his mom, fans and more with @OnTheRedCarpet

Kellan Lutz talks 'Hercules,' his mom, farm upbringing: 5 highlights
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OTR Kellan Lutz of "Twilight" fame takes on the title godly role in director Renny Harlin's new film "The Legend of Hercules," fulfilling a childhood dream of a little boy who used to live on a farm.

The 28-year-old actor lived in rural areas of North Dakota and Iowa before he moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, later taking on the role of Emmett Cullen in the "Twilight" films. During an interview with OTRC.com, Lutz reminisced about growing up without watching movies. Check out videos above and below and 5 highlights from the interview below.

1. He wanted to BE Hercules as a kid ... and other fictional heroes.

"Renny could've hired a multitude of actors. I think, when sitting down with me, he saw the passion that I had for the Hercules story. Ever since I was a little boy, growing up on the farm, I envisioned myself as Hercules, as Tarzan, as He-Man -- these classic, iconic heroes, because they were the heroes for me."

"I was a middle child, so being at home was very chaotic. Being outside with the animals that I would just play with and build these worlds felt real to me and now that I'm an actor, I get to bring that fantasy world to life on screen and it's very rewarding for me because I never thought I would be able to do that."

2. His mother predicted he would become an actor.

"My mother always knew. I was a good liar, I guess. I'm very honest in real life but I used to play around, I used to put on shows. I just never knew about acting so it was not until I was 18 that I knew about it and she's like, 'I always knew.' She said that. 'I always knew that you would be into this thing that we had no idea what it was about.'"

3. "I didn't think Brad Pitt was a real person."

"I just didn't watch movies, really, growing up and I didn't think Brad Pitt was a real person. And when you're living there, it's not like he was some idol, it was just like ... you just don't think about stuff like that."
4. On maintaining his fit, healthy figure -- and dieting ...

"Well it's a lifestyle. I live an active lifestyle. I'm a thrill junkie by heart and I love just pushing myself to the limits, risk-taking but living an active lifestyle. I just feel the best and I'd rather live each day to my fullest and know that I had a great day versus a bad day. Don't get me wrong -- I'll treat myself -- not right now because I'm currently doing the Paleo Diet -- but I've treated myself to a cheat day. Everything in moderation."

5. Speaking of his mom -- his fans chat with her on Facebook.

Lutz recalled how a group of fans from Philadelphia flew to Los Angeles to surprise him and came bearing gifts.

"My Philly moms surprised me. Came all the way from Philadelphia -- the weather's terrible there -- came in just to surprise me and these ladies, bless their hearts, sent me Christmas presents, Halloween presents for my dogs, for my roommates, they became family members. They chat with my mother on social media ... Facebook."

"And that's just one group. I've just been able to build a family out of my fans and I just want to honor them and we got to hang out and I took them to dinner. Thank you. Thank you guys so much."

"The Legend of Hercules" is set for release on Jan. 10. The movie also stars Roxanne McKee as Hercules' mother, Queen Alcmene, "Spartacus" TV star Liam McIntyre as fellow warrior Sotiris.

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