lördag 25 januari 2014

(VIdeo) Brady Corbet talks about Rob and 'The Childhood of a Leader'

At 9:30m: indiewire Sundance is a place for discovery, where new talent can shine in front of an audience hungry for revelation. With their new film “The Sleepwalker,” co-screenwriters Mona Fastvold and Brady Corbet (she directs, he stars) have auspiciously debuted their creative partnership, which is already three screenplays deep. (He will direct their next feature,
“The Childhood of a Leader,” starring Robert Pattinson, Tim Roth and Juliette Binoche, later this year, and a third project will follow.
We caught up with the pair on Main Street at the Sundance Film Festival, where we talked about the challenges Fastvold faced in directing her first film (Hurricane Sandy!), Robert Pattinson’s admirable career choices, and their burgeoning alliance.

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