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New Interview :Anna Kendrick at Carolina Herrera Show #MBFW - NYC

image hostNYTimes Monday mornings usually take some easing in, but not for the Fashion Week herd, which continued to swarm runway spaces, battle for taxis and pick its way around icy sidewalks. Among the crowd at Lincoln Center for the Carolina Herrera show at 10 a.m. was the actress Anna Kendrick, who was seated next to Emmy Rossum and across the runway from Tina Fey.

I know you’ve been to a couple of fashion shows this week. Is it your first New York Fashion Week?

It is.

What do you think?

It’s so full on. It’s not really what I expected. I went to a couple of shows at London Fashion Week, and it definitely wasn’t any more civilized, but it was just a little smaller, so it was easier to handle. This is all very intense, but I am having so much fun. Obviously the shows just blow my mind.

So you have a hilarious Twitter account (AnnaKendrick47, with 2.08 million followers). Are you tweeting during the shows?


Kim Basinger.A Face in the Crowd: Kim Basinger at Ralph LaurenFEB. 13, 2014
A nearly late Jared Leto at Jeremy Scott.A Face in the Crowd: Jared Leto at Jeremy ScottFEB. 12, 2014
Karen Elson at the Tory Burch show.A Face in the Crowd: Karen Elson at Tory BurchFEB. 11, 2014
Hailee SteinfeldA Face in the Crowd: Hailee Steinfeld at Prabal GurungFEB. 9, 2014
Carrie UnderwoodA Face in the Crowd: Carrie Underwood at Peter SomFEB. 7, 2014
Bryan Greenberg on the first day of New York Fashion Week.A Face in the Crowd: Bryan Greenberg at Richard ChaiFEB. 6, 2014
I have been, but I don’t want to bombard people. I’m trying to make a compilation of photos to post at the end of the week. I don’t want it to suddenly feel like all I tweet about is fashion. I need to keep the dirty jokes — delicately interspersed.

Otherwise, are you watching the Olympics at all?

I haven’t seen anything. All I saw was a male figure skater fall. They were playing that on TV. That’s literally the only thing I’ve seen. How depressing is that?

Also, “Pitch Perfect 2” was recently given the go-ahead. Is there going to be a “Cups” reprisal?

What happened on the first one with “Cups” was insane. I don’t expect to repeat it, but I am trying to come up with something fun.

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