torsdag 13 februari 2014

New Interview with Anna Kendrick #MBFW - NYC

 photo 468665447_10_zpsfb0e1cab.jpg nymag We’ve seen Anna Kendrick enough at Fashion Week that we’re starting to forget we don’t actually know her — she comports herself with enough calmness and lack of pretension that she passes for someone you might see and think, Is that a famous person, or did we just go to college together?
But at the Milly show on Monday afternoon, we finally got to chat with the omnipresent actress, resisting all our burning questions about Twilight wigs (and whether she ever actually watched those movies, of which she is the best part) and instead talked about her first Fashion Week.  “I’m just checking out the entire thing,” she grinned. “I realized I had this chunk of time, so I decided to go big or go home.”

She picked the right Fashion Week for her debut, because she said winter coats are the things she finds impossible to resist. “Oh my God, every single coat I see on the runway is to die for,” she said. “It’s such an amazing piece of design. In the summer, I mostly just want to be in a wife beater and shorts.

But a big bag and a winter coat make me feel put together and motivated.” Anna seems to be handling the intensity and closeness of the photographers extremely well — doubly impressive considering apparently nobody warned her about what to expect. “It is kind of a scrum, isn’t it?” she said. “But it’s a lot easier than promoting a film, where you’re just talking about yourself, and ugh, it’s enough to drive you crazy. And it’s actually kind of fun when things get so chaotic that they hit this breaking point where you’re suddenly allowed to be like, ‘OKAY, EVERYONE, CALM DOWN.’ At a premiere, you just have to keep smiling and act normal. Here, when it gets intense, I can start throwing elbows.” We look forward to the day when she throws caution to the wind and actually does try that on the red carpet. George Clooney wouldn’t mind, right?

Speaking of scrums, as we finished talking, a blinding halo appeared to our left, and we realized our hair was about two inches from mating with that of Solange while she was being photographed. Her resplendent, voluminous do — this may be considered treason, but we prefer it to her sister Beyoncé’s — sat atop an outfit of an orange turtleneck and pants, pink heels, a blue coat, and pink lipstick that made it look rather like she’d just blown a bubble and let it pop over her mouth. She exudes an enviable coolness, and with apologies to Kendrick, our power of coherent speech petered out when we realized we might be encroaching on her personal space. In retrospect, we probably have a lot of things we could ask Solange, but we didn’t. We blanked and didn’t talk to her at all; instead of going big, we went home. Maybe next time we’ll be better able to apply the wisdom of Anna Kendrick to our own lives. Cross your fingers.

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