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Photo + Video: "LIFE" Set Report - Millbrook

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  thepeterboroughexaminer Turns out it’s not hard to find Robert Pattinson in Millbrook.

The village, after all, isn't all that big.

But when one of the world’s hottest movie stars sets foot in the village, you might expect a little more mystery.

Yet there he was, costumed in a black dress coat, earmuffs over his ears, standing just west of the intersection near County Rd. 10, waiting to shoot a scene for his film, Life.

Some may know Pattinson from the Harry Potter series, where he played the role of handsome and loyal Hufflepuffer Cedric Diggory.

He’s more recognizable from his starring role as the handsome and enigmatic Edward Cullen in the five Twilight movies, all of which were box office blockbusters.

But it’s his new role as Dennis Stock, a Life magazine photographer assigned to photograph actor James Dean (played by Dane DeHaan), which brought the actor to this quiet Ontario village on a very cold Tuesday morning.

Millbrook was recreated as a small American town, circa 1950s for the shoot. Several of the vintage cars parked and driven through the village bore Indiana licence plates.

The scene required Pattinson and DeHaan to cross Millbrook’s main street and wave to a passing vehicle. It was something the cast and crew would do over and over again throughout the day.

Milton resident Cynthia Sloukji drove to Millbrook Monday night, taking time off work to hopefully meet Pattinson. Her three best friends braved the -23 C morning to stand outside with her.

“We’re calling it Rob-Stock 2014,” she laughed.

“We’re having so much fun,” she said. “We’ve literally been up since 5 a.m. and we are having a blast.”

Rob-Stock began Monday night, she explained, when the group arrived in Millbrook and began circling the block, scooping out Pattinson’s soon-to-be location.

Sloukji’s interest in Pattinson has progressed out well beyond the Twilightmovies (based on the Stephanie Meyers books).

“I’m more excited to see him in Cosmopolis, and Rover, and some of the upcoming projects he has,” she said.

Lindsay resident Christina Knight took the day off work to spend the day in Millbrook, hoping to catch a glimpse of Pattinson.

She’s seen all of his movies.

“Huge fan,” she said, glancing down Millbrook’s main strip.

“It’s a little bit of his obvious good looks, it’s a little bit of the accent,” she said, referring to Pattinson’s British roots.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of character he’s playing, he just totally captivates you,” she said.

Sloukji, her friends and Knight were among a crowd of about 20 people who hung out on street corners hoping for a glimpse of Pattinson during filming.

The friendly-but-firm movie crew, concentrating on the task at hand, kept the crowd back during shoots, and kept pedestrians moving along sidewalks in between takes.

On a day that wouldn’t get any warmer than -9 C, Pattinson spent much of his time in between takes warming up in a white van.

Daisy Mart store owner Lynn Woodward watched the action from behind a set of gingham curtains the crew had installed as part of the street’s makeover.

A few fans would come in to warm up and sneak a few pictures through her window.

Woodward didn’t mind. She’d seen a few of Pattinson’s movies.

“I guess it’s pretty special for some people,” she said.

VIDEO at source :)

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