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(Scan) Kristen's Beauty Rules in Lucky Magazine (April 2014) - Tnxs @epnebelle

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The actress began with the usual celebrity recommendations: "Water? Moisturizer...?" She paused. "You know, I could just go get my bag and tell you what's in it!" With the products, out spilled more beauty rules than could fit on this page. "Life is about layering, putting something together that's exciting," she said. "The same way you approach fashion, beauty's another layer."

1. Channel your icons.

"Stylewise, I like dark and weird. I love Patti Smith. And I like to throw in a little Brigitte Bardot."

2. Carry a great concealer.

"Kevyn Aucoin makes the tiniest little tub of concealer, and it's so good. You hardly need any, but it makes a huge difference.

3. Temporary tattoos are actually amazing.

"In my new movie Clouds of Sils Maria, my character has tattoos. Ladies, I'm just saying, if you want to change up your look, these very affordable transfers are more effective than switching your part!"

4. Find your perfect perfume.

"It's the interesting layer that just ups your game, elevates your look. For Rosabotanica, I'll never forget going over to Nicholas' [Ghesquiere, then at Balenciaga, now at Louis Vuitton] house, sitting in front of him while he sketched- I really satisfied that little obsession! It was incredible to be part of his team. Perfume is so personal, you just have to try it- this one, really, is amazing."

5. Good skin is the greatest.

"Proactov! It rules!"

6. Eat healthfully.

"I'm the worst- a burger connoisseur! This is totally #shitLApeoplesay, but oh my god, I love kale. And I do enjoy a juice- kale, romaine, parsley, flaxseed and apple.

7. No blow-dries.

"I never put any heat on my hair- I love texture. Right now I'm into Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for texture, and I've been using a lot of dry shampoo. I have a lot of hair, but it is fine- the dry shampoo gives me serious chunk."

Transcript: robstendreams | Scan: epnebelle

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