lördag 29 mars 2014

Update @prodweek “HOLD ON TO ME" Status:September 2014!

Prod Weekly Update: “HOLD ON TO ME" (aka “Nancy & Danny”) Feature Film INDIAN PAINTBRUSH
STATUS: September 2014 
PRODUCER: Steven Rales - Mark Roybal - Michael Pruss - Alexandra Milchan - Todd Field 
DIRECTOR: James Marsh 
WRITER: Brad Ingelsby 
CAST: Carey Mulligan - Robert Pattinson 
Based on the true story of a femme fatale who goes on a crime spree after she is rejected by her former boyfriend. Mulligan plays a small town girl who dumps her boyfriend in pursuit of a modeling career in New York. When she returns with her tail between her legs and gets rejected by her ex, now a wealthy criminal living in Chicago, she enlists the help of a naive man and embarks on a life of crime. Pattinson plays the flashy supporting role of the woman’s life love, Jimmy, who isn’t involved in the crime.

Tnxs Mel452

Deadline (..) and this is his third project with the writer, after Hold On To Me, which James Marsh is directing this fall..

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