torsdag 11 november 2010

Meet Fan that Made a Serenade for Robsten in Copacaba Palace Hotel (Brazil)


With a guitar and a song in hand - written by her - a Brazilian, 21 years stood amid the crowd of fans of the Twilight series that keeps of  Hotel Copacabana Palace front, where Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were.
Inspired by the story of vampires, Andrea Riccio composed a song with the dream of seeing it on the soundtrack of New Moon, the second film in the saga. With the fourth part of the film  in Brazil, Andrea's dream is renewed.
"I went to Los Angeles, talked to the producers. They were to show my music, but never responded, "says Andreag, who had sponsored the trip to Rio by Fantastico Tv Show, Rede Globo.
To make sure that this time would be heard loud and clear by the stars, hidden in two presidential suites hotel, the singer and two speakers to amplify your acoustic sound, voice and guitar style. That's how Andrea sang My disease, in hopes of bringing music to the attention of the vampires idols.

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