onsdag 23 februari 2011

Rob Gets Protective Over Kristen As he helped to shield her from waiting paps at Vancouver airport!


Could Robert Pattinson get any cuter?! Through his actions towards Kristen Stewart, the actor showed an uncanny resemblance to his character Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.
After pictures showed Rob walking alone through Vancuver airport on Monday, we wondered why Kristen hadn't been pictured with him.
In an act of pure chivalry, Hollywood Lifereports that Rob walked through the airport first to divert the attention away from Kristen so that she could go safely through the airport without getting any attention.
It is thought that once the pair, who are rumoured to be a couple in real life, got through the paparazzi scrum, they jumped into separate cars and headed to their hotel.
Filming for Breaking Dawn will be going on in the city for the next several weeks.

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