måndag 19 mars 2012

Cute Gifs! Charlize and Kristen Interview with ExtraTv

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"Extra" caught up with Charlize at Anaheim, Calif.'s WonderCon over the weekend, and she and co-star Kristen Stewart joked about a competition stirring between their film and "Mirror Mirror." Charlize declared, "We are gonna take you down... other 'Snow White' movie!"
Theron turned to Stewart, and laughed, "It's amazing to me, I feel like if we sold some pay-per-view tickets to a fight, of you and Lily [Collins], and Julia [Roberts] and me, like, we can make a lot of money!" 
Source  Thanks KstewAngel | Download link for that Charlize & Kristen interview with ExtraTV (HD)  via | @vonch

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