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MyAnna Buring Interview - Talks about Breaking Dawn Experience - Rob Is"Absolutely Lovely"

 Warning: The following article details Caroline Foran's mild obsession for The Twilight Saga and Robert Pattinson's jaw line. Some readers may find this annoying. 

 So you can imagine my excitement when I was phoned with the news that I would be interviewing cast member MyAnna Buring, who took on the small yet significant task of bringing vampire Tanya Denali to life. To mark the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 on DVD, it was my utmost pleasure - and somewhat dream come true, given that she's breathed the same air as Robert Pattinson, OMG etc - to speak with the up and coming actress. Was she a fan before, was it fun on set, is RPattz really as dreamy in person, is she Team Edward or Team Jacob? There was just too much this Twihard wanted to ask. Anyhoo, here be the gist of our exchange.

So how did your part in the movie come about in the first place?
Well it was really straight forward actually. Basically I just got a call from LA, they had put out a casting call because they just couldn't find the right fit for Tanya from what I can understand, and my manager here said 'listen anyone can put themselves on tape so just go for it', and it was very unlikely they'd see it but I'd do it anyway. I did it, it was a rushed job and I was actually on my way to shoot another film - Kill List - I hadn't thought anymore of it and then two weeks later I got a call saying id gotten the job!

Deadly! You must have been a fan before to have auditioned for it?
Massive fan, yea. I read the books before first film came out and I loved them. I read them all in about a week and thought they were brilliant.

One week! I thought I was bad finishing Breaking Dawn in under 4 days. What is it about Twilight that you think has resonated around the world?
There's a few things. For one there's a heroine that people can really identify with, Bella. She's a little bit clumsy and feels a bit awkward and an outsider and I think that is something a lot of people have felt at some point in their lives. And then the love story as well. I think we sort of are all fans of love really if you're not then you're too cynical aren't you?

Sing it sister! You've probably been asked this a million times, but it really is imperative: Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Haha I'd say I'd be both. I don't know how you'd choose! I want them both, I can't choose.

Nah here try this - 'Team Edward'. See? It's easy to choose. Another pressing question, if you yourself could be one or the other, Vampire or Wolf?
Vampire definitely! I've been there. I've tried it it's really good, believe me.

I'll take your word for it so. Your role in part 1 of Breaking Dawn is quite small but we'll be seeing more of you in the penultimate instalment?
Yea that's right. Well obviously the Denalis are kind of more involved in the story in part 2. One of her sisters, Irina is the cause of why the Volturi are alerted to the existence of Renesmee. Tanya's coven are the first to stand up and join forces against the Volturi with the Cullens and and Tanya is their leader, so yea, they play a slightly bigger part.

For the uninitiated, (shame on them) can you tell us a little more about the character you play?
Well Tanya Denali is the head of the Denalis. She's a very old vampire who's been around for thousands of years. She's actually been described as being one of the original Succubi.

A Succi-whaty? This is getting awfully geeky now. 
Essentially the Succubus is a mythical figure - who used to come in and cause trouble with innocent men.

Right, back to Tanya.
Tanya and her sisters have a bit of a back story. She also has a back story in that she has held a torch for Edward Cullen for hundreds of years, [he's only been around for 107, mind] and now with Bella on the scene, she believes that Bella is actually meant for him.

Tell me about Robert Pattinson, what's he like to work with?
He's lovely - absolutely lovely - yeah, no they are really sweet people and I think they've done a great job.
More about Pattinson, is he as dreamy in person as he is on the screen?
Ha, well it's weird after a while working him, you stop seeing him like that but yeah, he definitely has a charisma about him.
Enough! I'm sick with jealousy. How was the production of the second movie?
Well we shot the first and second movie together and not in any sequence so for me the two films are really wrapped up in each other so there's no real separation in my memory. They feel like one cohesive piece, even though they are very different in tone. The first one is all about the love story and the second is very much about protecting the family and probably a bit more epic in scale and more there's definitely more action.

Will the last instalment remain true to the book?
I think it's as true as it can be. Obviously this is Melissa's (Rosenberg) interpretation and then Bill Condon's interpretation on top of that. There are slight, little differences but generally they are very true to the books.

What was it like joining the ranks so late in the process?
Well when I arrived there were about 70 new characters there so I didn't feel like I was on my own. I felt like I was coming with a big army. It was funny. I think at first I was quiet but then it just seemed to fit. It made sense and we felt like one big family.

Any crazy fan experiences?

No, not at all. I don't think I get recognised on the street. Also the clothes and make up make me look quite different. I have just had lovely encounters with fans. They've been really supportive.

You're probably all Twilight-ed out by now. Tell me about your other upcoming projects?
I have been filming two BBC dramas that will come out in March. One - White Heat - involves 7 young kids who meet up in London and end up living together in 1965, and then it follows these characters through to the present day. It is sent against the social and political backdrop of the time. It was amazing to be part of it for that reason. Then there is The Fuse directed by Tom Green who directed Misfits. That is more a psychological thriller with a Film Noir style. It's really quite different.

Wow, you seem to have quite a varied career so far.
Yea! Everything I've been doing is quite different so I've been really happy about that. With Twilight and everything else, I've really been quite lucky.
Plenty more where that came from! The penultimate instalment in The Twilight Saga will be available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray in Ireland from Friday 9th March 2012.

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