onsdag 11 april 2012

(Video) "SWATH" Costumes presented by Colleen Atwood (YT Version)

From MTV: Via strictlyrobsten
  Colleen Atwood leads MTV News through the intricate fashions.

"I've seen actors find their characters in so many different ways in my life. I think they don't realize they've already found it, but the moment when they put on hair and makeup and the costume, they're there, they've arrived," Atwood said of watching actors try on her designs for the first time. 
"Sometimes because the costume goes on last after hair and makeup and everything, that feels like the hero, but it's really the [actor]." One of Stewart's most intricate costumes is her armor, which Atwood said they wanted to tell a story on its own. "There are a lot of messages in her armor. 
The concept is [Snow White] comes to a place in the story and decides to go to battle and lead her future people," Atwood said. "She doesn't have time to have armor made, so we took elements of different armor to compile a look and so [Stewart] could also do action in it." Atwood added that Theron's costumes were equally exciting to make. "You can't design for [Queen] Ravenna without having Charlize to work the costume. We had a great time," Atwood said. "She wanted to have fun with it and not be too strapped into the cliché of an evil queen. She wanted to be a person too and later becomes sort of mad. 
"The [costumes] get more and more spectral and bug-like as the movie progresses," Atwood continued. "There are a lot of elements of death in her costume, so we used lots of feathers, skulls, small bones. The fun of the design was doing the film equivalent of a couture costume, couture dress," she said. Atwood said her job is to make costumes that help inspire the actors in their roles, but most importantly help advance the plot. "I like my clothes to inspire," she said. "Most importantly what I want to do is help tell the story and help be part of the collaboration."

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