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SPOILER! Check Out Which Song Is Playing In Every Scene From BD2 @PtTwilight



1. PASSION PIT-"Where I Come From": the scene when bella wakes up from her transformation and look around.

 2. Ellie Goulding - "Bittersweet": The third song from the end credits.

 3. GREEN DAY - "The Forgotten": The second song from the end credits.

 4. FEIST - "Fire In The Water": The scene from the first night of love between Bella and Edward, after her transformation.

 5. THE BOOM CIRCUITS- "Everything And Nothing": The scene where Alice offers her(Bella) the birthday gift.

 6. ST. VINCENT - "The Antidote": The scene with the arm wrestling between Bella and Emmet.

 7. POP ETC - "Speak Up": The scene where the Cullens are saying goodbye to their friends.

 8. IKO - "Heart of Stone: The scene when Bella get the message from Alice, the conversation between Bella and Edward in their house and when he offers her to take a bath.

 9. A BOY AND HIS KITE - "Cover Your Tracks": The scene where Alice and Edward show Bella the house for the first time.

10. JAMES VINCENT MCORROW - "Ghosts": The scene where Bella returns to Seattle.

11. PAUL MCDONALD AND NIKKI REED - "All I've Ever Needed": The fifth song of the end credits.

12. REEVE CARNEY - "New For You": The fourth song from the end credits.

13. CHRISTINA PERRI AND STEVE KAZEE - "A Thousand Years (Part 2)": The meadow scene where Bella let Edward read her thoughts and it's also the music from the end credits when it shows the name of all the actors from the Twilight Saga.

Thank You Twilight Portugal

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