söndag 25 november 2012

Myanna Buring: New Photoshoot + BD2 Interview with 1883magazine


1883 “I always had this sort of vision in my head that when you auditioned for something that big or wanted to be part of that sort of franchise there would be a real hectic auditioning process…and that just wasn’t the case,” said MyAnna. “It was just sort of a really easy job to get.” Just a few months after meeting with director Bill Condon and author Stephenie Meyer in L.A., MyAnna jet-setted to swampy Louisiana and began her transformation as vampire alongside 17 other new cast members, including Maggie Grace and Lee Pace—two of her “coven siblings” that she grew close to. “I think the fact that there were so many of us, that we were newcomers to the franchise made it feel a little bit less daunting because there were more of us that were new than actors who had been established and who had been a part of the saga.” She also palled around with Meyer off set, a figure whose mega-success would probably intimidate most people, but not MyAnna. “I’d go sit with her and have chats. She’s just the loveliest, most humble, very funny lady.”
After six months of shooting in locations ranging from the lush forests of Vancouver to an abandoned equestrian center filled with green screens and fake snow, filming wrapped and the saga—including MyAnna’s personal one—came to an end. She returned to the UK in time for the release of Part 1, which was a completely new and exciting experience for her. “When it came out, I got this insight into what that whole surface is about, because it is an extraordinarily massive deal for a lot of people,” said MyAnna, a note of genuine awe in her voice. “It’s quite humbling to be somewhere and be surrounded by thousands of people who are so in love with the story that you’ve been a part of.”

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